The Comedy Empire Comics’ Awards is inspired by South Africa’s annual comedy award, Savanna Comic Choice Awards, which recognizes talents and acts in the comedy industry. This is to inspire them to push and work harder.

The categories are as follows:

1. The Newcomer Of The Year Award Category
The most exciting award when looking at the future of stand-up comedy.

This award is made to the comic who, with a minimum of one year of professional experience, and a maximum of two, has caught the attention of the industry for being gifted with delivery, original and consistent.

2. The People’s Choice Award Category
This is the only category where the public vote is 100%, making it a unique Comics’ Choice Award. We acknowledge that the audience is a huge player in the industry, and so every registered comic is eligible, regardless of their experience.

3. The Intermediate Award Category
This category serves as a much-needed acknowledgement of those comics who find themselves in the “bridge” years between being a Newcomer and an established act with a dedicated fan-base and regular requests for appearances on stage, television and corporate events, as well as their own regular solo shows.

4. The Pen Award Category
This is done to encourage writers/cartoonists to become more involved in writing material for registered comedians, as well as enter their television, stage, printed and film work.

5. The Best Friend Of Comedy Award Category

This award is made to the individual, group, organization, media platform, brand, agency or other entity that has provided support, facilitated or championed Ghanaian comedy significantly.

6. The Social Media Award Category

Created to celebrate the folks on social media who make people laugh with their updates. Long-seen as an unrepresented form of comedy, this award goes to the act that performs better in terms of social media.

Does not necessarily have to be a stand-up comedian or comic actor.

7. The Breakthrough Award Category
This award can be made to any act in any category who has made a breakthrough during the year

8. The Stage/Screen Act Of The Year Award Category
This is to recognise comedians in the acting industry who are contributing significantly to the industry through stage or screen acting.

9Comedy Event of the Year

An award to recognise comedy events in Ghana which aim at promoting Ghanaian acts.

10. Comic Troll of the Year

This award is for the social media trolls which gained much follows and attention.

11. Chief Editor’s Platinum Comic Personality of the Year

This category is the highest award and is the only category not voted for. The Chief Editor uses a yearly assessment of performance to choose a winner for this category.


Award Plan:

Nominations: 1st Jan. – 7th Jan, 2017

Announcement of Nominees: 9th Jan, 2017

Voting: 13th – 20th Jan, 2017

Announcement of Winners: 21st Jan, 2017


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