Nyansapo Climbs The Ladder

The most anticipated stage comedy play, National Science and Maths Quiz couldn’t come off as planned, due to an injunction placed on it by Primetime Limited, producers of the actual National Science and Maths Quiz which happens annually as a competition between Senior High Schools.

This however didn’t deter the morale of the cast and crew of Nyansapo Productions as they quickly devised a new play; The Ladder. The Ladder is a stage play which was written, directed and rehearsed in less than a day, impossible as it may seem the talented cast and crew of Nyansapo Productions pulled it off.

The stage play which had 2 shows on the day; 4pm and 8pm respectively, left audience gasping for breath due to the comical nature of the play. Actors Jeneral Nta Tia, Clemento Suarez, Docter So, Foster Romanus, Fred Amugi and co gave a very splendid and overwhelming performance and if you are not told, you wouldn’t know the entire play was a “Freestyle” stage performance.

I believe anybody who came out to support Nyansapo Production on the day were not disappointed to not have watched The Ladder Instead of The National Science and Maths Quiz. The part of the play which showed the creative minds at play was the wrestling scene. That particular scene took my breath away and I recommend you go and watch the play mainly because of that scene; that is if they (Nyansapo Productions) decide to perform the play again.

It was an amazing play and I would like to congratulate the cast and crew for the priceless production. With all said and done, the was a mammoth attendance at the national theatre to support the cast and crew and it’s​ my believe that the theatre of the nation would rise to the level of Broadway.

Despite the circumstances, don’t you think those who patronised the show “are a brilliant’?

Enjoy images from the stage:

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