Putogo: The Birth Of A Comedic Genius

Comedy in the country has finally gained attention it has been lacking over the years; the comedians in Ghana have worked so hard to make the craft appealing and enjoyable. Even though some people doubt the comedic prowess of the Ghanaian comedian, the resilient efforts by them has opened doors for up comers who are steadily holding the fort.


One of such talented up comers is Comedian Putogo. I must say, the first time I witnessed him perform, I was utterly amazed. His composure and command on stage was unbelievable. For a first timer one may think he should have fumbled a bit, but that wasn’t the case. He delivered well and to put icing on the cake, he had a rousing applause coupled with a standing ovation.


Born Putogo Moses, the comedian has mounted every major comedy club platforms in the country, and is gradually making waves in becoming one of the big comedic names in the country. ” He is an exceptional talent, he is also a very intelligent boy and it’s a plus because you can’t be a comedian and be dumb. I believe one day if not now that Putogo will be better than 4 Nigerian comedians put together, he just has to have proper management, that why I am with him” His manager said.


Putogo has performed on many platforms which include; Laugh Kitchen, LaughLine, and Comedy Express, Comedy Fiesta to mention a few. If Putogo keeps performing the way he is, there is no doubt he would become one of Africa’s Greats.