#HardGuyBut: You Don’t Know What Networking Is.

Networking has been a part of the Ghanaian community since before independence. In the past three decades, networking has evolved into a very easy and reliable way of communicating and this has helped in many aspects of the human life. Network Giant MTN, which was Spacefon, then, became Spacefon Areeba, then later Areeba, is one of the many examples of how Networking has evolved. Now to help you be a master at networking, because it is not rocket science, I would give you some few tips on how to network effectively.



Now to be a maestro at networking, you must find a particular mobile network and stay loyal to them. There are 5 mobile networks in Ghana (at least that’s what I know) these are MTN, Vodafone, Tigo, Airtel and Expresso. All these 5 mobile networks give amazing call and data plans so it is up to you to find which best suits you and remain loyal to them. If you have trust issues, you can buy all 5.



Another major key in becoming an expert in networking is to own a phone. There are so many phone brands on the market; there are the smart phones, the average-smart phones and the not so smart phones also called “Yams”. I would not advise you to get a phone that is well beyond your spending power, because the higher the tech of the phone the deeper your pockets have to get.



Now this is for the ladies, having a phone without credit is like leaving your braided hair for 12 years, I know it is frustrating. Now what you have to do is get a guy who would be ready to spend any amount on you even if it kills him. When you find him your world of overflow of credit would be opened, all you have to do in return is send a message like this when you receive the credit each time “boo, I’ve received the credit, I would like to thank you so much for your love and care. I pray the windows of opportunities never close for you. I love you”. When you send this, if he bought you just Ghc 2.00 worth of credit, he would buy Ghc 5.00 the next time you ask. I know the Feminists won’t like this, but do I care?



Be able to talk. Have the ability to dot your “I’s” and cross your “T’s”. It is very important when you want to have great networking skill to have wonderful communication skill. I would love it if the people I talk to or text with have flawless command in communication. This shouldn’t just be in English, but in your respective local dialect.


If after reading this, you still don’t know what networking is, my brother, my sister your hometown witches have started skyping.


Disclaimer: No one should take anything written here very serious, it is a parody post of Able Delalie’s latest post “#HardGirlBut: You Must Know The Importance Of Networking”