Laughline Divorces Silverbird Cinemas

Ghana’s biggest monthly comedy show, Laughline, has cancelled all deals with Silverbird Cinemas, where the show has been running since inception. 

In a press release issued today by Kasa Entertainment, organizers of Laughline, we have cause to believe Management of Silverbird have shown lots of disrespect towards the organisers.

According to Silverbird, organisers of Laughline disrespected them and their patrons.

Background Story:

The June edition of Laughline was held at the Global Cinemas in Weija after Silverbird decided not to host the event with the excuse of hosting their own comedy show but later rescinded their decision which saw the July edition being hosted at the Silverbird Cinemas.

So what happened?

Comedy Empire was a witness to this – the show was to begin at 6pm and as at 6:30pm Silverbird had not made the place available which caused the show to start an hour late.

After several confrontations​, the hall was made available but was followed with a meeting on Monday which saw the two groups ending the 9 months romantic affair.

Our take on the issue:

Silverbird is an opportunist trying to take the audience of Laughline. So until Laughline, what stopped them from trying to host a comedy show? Can’t they partner with Laughline if they have good intents for the industry?

It’s for you to decide but patrons are to note, Laughline disassociates itself from any comedy show held at the Silverbird Cinemas of the Accra Mall.

Read full press statement here: