David Oscar To Stage A Comeback

Ghanaian comedian cum musician, David Oscar, will be returning to the comedy scene once more after so many years of exiting an industry he helped build. 

This has been confirmed by Kasa Entertainment’s CEO, Danny Attoh, when he billed Oscar on the next edition of Laughline – The Republic Edition, a monthly comedy show which has been running for the past 10 months.

He said, “Oscar’s return is a big news to the industry and we are proud to have him back into the family. Even in other disciplines, we see legends retire and come back just because of the love they have for the team.” He further added, “Laughline is proud to have him on the bill for next month and that shows how advanced we have become.”

The monthly comedy show will see performances by Id James Brown, Crypto, Comedian Aglah, Comedian OB, Pararan and China Fon alongside Saddique with Lekzy remaining the host for the night. On the turntables will be DJ Sid