James Brown Tours Europe

Well for those who said Ghanaian comedians are not marketable,  the bad news is James Brown toured Europe.

The comedian who was on a month tour of Europe performed in various countries – Germany, Holland and Belgium.

The comedian who doubles as an actor acted a play known  as “Dinner for One”, a very popular play in Europe especially Germany where he played the role of James the Butler. It is was a House concert in Idstein,Germany.

With quite a sizeable number of audience, he was asked to do a short stand up performance for 8 minutes after being impressed by his performance.

James Brown got a performance booked at the Comedy Cafe, Amsterdam – a place solely dedicated to Comedy where he did the session in English. It was a great show out there.

Next place was Belgium. James was booked for LINCENSE TO RANT. It was a one hour performance in a town Called Geel.

The good news is, he’s been booked to perform in Belgium again in the course of the year. This is a good sign that Ghana Comedy has come to stay and taking over.

Catch some shots of James’s Tour:


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