DKB Humiliated at TTU

Ghana’s King of Comedy, DKB, on Sunday did not have it smooth when he paid a visit to the Takoradi Technical University (formerly Takoradi Polytechnic). He was made to pay gate fee to be allowed access to the backstage where he was to psyche contestants of the event up. 

He revealed this in a post made on his Facebook page when he wrote:

“Tardi poly (TTU) students forced me to pay gate fee,stamped my hand and humiliated the lady I was walking with just cos i wanted to go backstage not even main auditorium to motivate the guys participating in the SPOOF MISS NZEMA MEN BEAUTY CONTES (funny pageant), telling me they mean business. I was done with the guys in 10mins tho. See what they put me thru, another reason why those at the top hardly help upcomers. Just know any DKB booking henceforth from T poly is strictly business and no “consider us we are students” nonsense 🤕. Thank you”