Jesus To Laugh on Easter at Kumasi

It’s not easy to die for a whole race every year and see them drink and club a few days after your death. At times you just don’t have to die but got to sit down and watch them misbehave and laugh at them small till they come apologising.

That’s exactly what Ghana’s Dancehall Comedian, Foster Romanus seeks to achieve this Easter Sunday at the Royal Chapel in Kumasi.

It is going to a night of 100% Christian Comedy and Music. The event, an initiative of the Romanus Ministries, seeks to bring comedy to the church and raise funds for the homeless and needy.

The event is in collaboration with Berlin Hypes and supported by Comedy Empire, NYDJ Live, Step Up and many others. 

You can’t miss it. This is the only part where it would be recorded that Jesus didn’t only weep but Jesus Laughed Too.

It’s absolutely free but don’t forget to bring your donations.


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