Why Proposing on 1st April is the Best

I know most of you are reading because you just wondering how possible 1st April is best for a break up or Marriage.

Well, 1st April is around the corner and we all know it’s a day dedicated to ‘Fools’ around the world and who knows, you could be a fool in your relationship. 

After buying all the pizza, shawarma, and what have you, she tells you “you’re just like a brother to me.” It can pain, so this is how to go about it without looking like a fool.

1. Fix a date with her. Probably a hangout where people are. Don’t be such an idiot to tell her you’re going to propose. Don’t make it to obvious neither.

2. Get your ring ready and have your vibes well rehearsed. Make sure you don’t stammer.

3. On the night, after you’ve got the atmosphere charged romantically, go down on your knees, create a scene, let people take out their cameras. Make sure they’re recording.

4. Take the ring out of your pocket, spew out the nonsense you’ve rehearsed for days. After you finish saying what you have had to say, wait for her response.

Now this is the make or break part, this is where you can determine if April Fools Day was dedicated specifically to you.

5.  If she says ‘yes’, dude you’ve been vindicated. If she says ‘no’ just start laughing. Laugh hard, if possible, roll on the floor. Make sure she looks silly although you and I know it has pained you.

6. Get up and shout “Happy April Fool’s Day” and tell her she’s like a sister to you, you just wanted to test her. You all go your way and that’s it. She carries the ‘yawa’ home while you carry the pain home.

But ladies, there is a way around this.

7. After he’s made a fool of himself and he’s done everything in Point 6, tell him you were also testing if he’s ever serious in life but you didn’t mean the no you said.

8. Watch his face and see how silly he looks. Get up, pick up your bag, and Laugh hard while you walk away. 

Sagaa……… Now who fool who?