Comedian Waris: A Small Peek Into His life.

The comedy industry in this country has grown into a very promising industry one, since its breakthrough last year it has seen lot of interest from the general public and also the rise of many talented upcoming comedians.

One of such talent is Comedian Waris. Abdul Waris Umaru is his full name. Waris Burst into the scenes in the latter part of last year after attending an audition held by the King of Comedy, DKB and has since been under his mentorship.

“DKB inspired me, he has been like a father, guiding me and teaching me not just about comedy  but on how to deal with challenges about life” Waris said when I had a chat with him.


Ever since he was outdoored as a comedian and had his debut performance, Waris has risen to be one of the fine unsung comedians in the country, mounting various comedy platforms such as Laughline, Comedy Express, Laugh Kitchen to mention a few and also he has had the opportunity to Mc events.

When I asked him why he chose to be a comedian he replied “Because comedy is one of the decent jobs in the world and I really love the aspect of the jokes we serve as comedians not only entertain the audience, but also touch on societal issues.” With all these said you can’t fault the young guy if he ends up being an international comedy star.


The industry is still very young so there are little sponsors, this makes it hard for upcoming acts like him to get something small for the pocket, but his relentless and love for the industry keeps him moving. “It (Comedy) doesn’t pay well, it is still in its dark days and Ghanaians are failing to appreciate the little effort by the comedians. The lack of sponsors is also a major a factor. So the bottom line is if we had lot of investors, we would have very great shows which the people would love and also be paid well at the end.

Comedian Waris has carved a name for himself in the industry and many people in the industry applaud his craft. So anytime you see a comedy show that has Comedian Waris as one of those performing, don’t hesitate to attend.