Photography: The Shooter, his Girlfriend and Sidechick

Photography, the latest sensation among the youth. Gone are the days when it was for the less educated. The educated rich ones did not do it for a profession, just a personal thing. However, times have changed and in the wake of a generation of photo freaks, owning a camera has become the dream of every young guy. This dream has significantly increased the number of models and make-up artistes among the youth.

For every model is a photographer who is her boyfriend

Well, if you don’t have a sister to practise your shooting skills as you begin, your alternative is a female friend who eventually sticks to you cos of your camera. At least she gets to change her dp each week, increase her Facebook likes and Instagram followership. Automatically, she becomes a model. The risk here is, if she doesn’t have a strong fan base on social media and there is a break-up, she tends to lose her profession as a model.

For every photoshoot is a make-up artist who is the Sidechick

We can never have two madams in one house. Either ways, one is to become a deputy madam and most often, that’s the role of a Sidechick. So photographers who have their girlfriends as models for their work find it difficult giving sidechicks a model role so what do they do? They convince them to be make-up artists but don’t tell them the reason. Just the normal I don’t like my girlfriend being exposed. The smart ones buy them the kits and internet bundles so that they can learn on YouTube. The good thing about it is, should there be a break-up she’s at least acquired a skill.

The smart and caring boyfriends (photographers) most often swap roles; making the sidechicks models and making their girlfriends make-up artistes.

For every photographer is his best friend who is a graphic designer

The hustle in this era is real and man has to eat. So one advantage of acquainting yourself with a photographer is you are capable of acquiring a skill. In this case, it becomes cost effective for the photographer cos he pay little or nothing for the editing of the pictures. The fun part of it is, they most often get to date the make up artistes (sidechicks). You get the connection? They both edit looks. Bazinger!! (In Sheldon’s voice).

For these reasons, most ladies are becoming models and make-up artists and no one understands. Actually for beginners, they use the camera to woo their crushes. Crushes turn models, side chick’s become Make-up Artist, best friends become graphic designers. They would say we are jealous but is it their jealousy?

Anyway, I am going to get for myself a camera, anyone crushing on me?