Manasseh vrs Kwame: The Comical Aspect

From last night to now, like a hungry lion finally preying on its victim, Manasseh Azure’s Awuni, one of Ghana’s finest journalist, has fallen prey to hungry Ghanaians. 

In his post about African CEOs having a conference in Grneva (which we believe he didn’t read much on) he got a reply from one Nana Kwame which ended up having more likes than his post to which he gave a rebuttal and it seems he just shouldn’t have said anything after Nana Kwame’s reply.

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After that, Ghanaians have devoured Manasseh and we bring you the comical aspect of this trend.

And oh yeah, you remember when Manasseh wrote a thesis after Nana Aba’s Old Trafford brouhaha? Well, she decided to give him a Power Point on Twitter

And the last bit of this interesting troll, Watch OMGVoice’s YAWA of the Day

Well, truth be told, in the recent wake of several death stories filling the media each passing day, this came right in time. Ghana is an interesting country chale.