How to Vote for Ajeezay’s Best Video

​About the Africa movie academy awards (AMAA) nomination, we need your votes at this stage (Stage 1) to select one video to be used for the main awards. With Ajeezay being the first and only Ghanaian in that category, we urge you to give him your maximum support.

The three shortlisted videos are:

Video 1 : Swimming pool

Video 2: the interview 

Video 3 : the interview part 2


1. Click here to visit the voting panel.

2. Locate “AjeezayGh” from the list and select from the order above.

3. Submit. You can view Results by clicking the results button.

Kindly click here and vote “Ajeezaygh ” from the list.  Let’s do this Ghana.

Deadline for voting is 3rd March 2017