Personality Chat: 1-o-1 with Ntimizimbi

Comedy Empire:From Gallery of Comedies to AFCON 2016 Sex Position to Onaapo Sex Position,  who is Ntimizimbi?

Richmond Ntimizimbi: Ntimizimbi is a name I coined for one of the many characters people have come to identify me with. Whenever I do a parody of somebody I add the person’s name to my original name which is NtimiNation. So as the name suggests, NtimiZimbi is the character I use whenever I do parodies of Akumaa Mama Zimbi’s sex positions.

So for instance when I did a parody of Rashida Black Beauty’s ‘diss’, I called that character NtimiShida

Comedy Empire: So Ntimi is the brand?

Richmond Ntimizimbi: The stage name is actually NtimiNation which is a ‘swaggering’ of Ntikateche Bombay Isaiah.

Comedy Empire: Wait, hold on. Where from that?😂

Richmond Ntimizimbi: Ntikateche Bombay Isaiah is the name I started with. It is very popular with listeners of Kumasi based Luv FM. At a point the character was a musician and to add more swag to it, I changed the name to NtimiNation. I needed a nation that could encapsulate my imaginary fans so like Stonebowy has BhimNation, I chose NtimiNation. Because it is easier to mention, everyone started calling me that and that is how NtimiNation has come to stay.

Comedy Empire: That’s a good marketing strategy. You talked about Kumasi listeners and Luv FM, what has been the link?

Richmond Ntimizimbi: Well, I am affiliated with Liezer-Legacy Productions, Ashanti Region’s major Theatre company. As part of the things we do, we produce two radio shows each week; The PM Show which is a satirical show on Luv 99.5 FM at 8pm on Thursdays and Nhyira Agorommere which is also a radio drama show on Nhyira 104.5 FM at 7:15pm on Saturdays.

Through these shows I have endeared myself to thousands of the listenership of both radio over the past two years

Comedy Empire: So tell us, when did you start acting?

Richmond Ntimizimbi: I started acting proper when I went to School of Performing Arts back in 2007. I knew I wanted to do acting when I saw student actors perform live on stage for the first time during the Ashanti Regional SRC Congress in 2005. I felt a very special feeling which I have since not felt ever again and I knew there and then that I belonged to the acting fraternity

Comedy Empire: So Gallery of Comedies popularly called Legon Comedy was your first major play?

Richmond Ntimizimbi: My first major play in my acting career is a Nigerian play called The Squeeze. GoC was my first major play after SPA.

Comedy Empire: Most Ghanaians got to watch you through Gallery of Comedies, tell us about it. How did it feel being on such stage?

Richmond Ntimizimbi: It was a very humbling and an awesome feeling. I felt very appreciated whenever I met someone who would go like ‘hey I saw your play… it’s very hilarious. I watch it saa. You guys are amazing’. People would see you and come talk to you and laugh with you as if they knew you from way back. I loved every bit of it and I’m always grateful to Nyansapo for the opportunity.

Comedy Empire: It looks like that play opened a lot of Windows for most of you. After GoC, what parts have you been on?

Richmond Ntimizimbi: The list goes on and on. I have joined a production outfit in Kumasi a year after my National Service and I have been on stage with them for over 2 years now. To mention a few, Blackie in Grumpy Graham 2, Pastor Akabontoah in Love Laugh 1, Ntikateche Bombay Isaiah in Love Laugh 2, Priest Huy in The Prince of Egypt and Opana/ Akua Donkor in Only In Africa.

Comedy Empire: 😂😂😂😂Funny titles.

Richmond Ntimizimbi: I also featured in a Kumawood movie called Obinnim with Liwin and Bishop. I really felt honored to share screens with such great people. I was also part of the Supermom Celebrity Reality Show where I played young Kofi Adjorlolo, the Doctor who delivered Ameyaw Debrah among others.

Comedy Empire: 😂😂 So aside acting, what does Richmond do for a living?

Richmond Ntimizimbi: For now everything I do… for a living so to speak, has a relation to the industry one way or the other. I do video editing on the side, I direct, create content as well as write scripts as well as MC. I also do radio jingles.

Comedy Empire: That’s interesting. Just one show and it changed your life and passion. So now let’s talk about who Richmond Ntimination really is.
Richmond Ntimizimbi: My name is actually Richmond Xavier Amoakoh. Richmond is a shy, introspective person on a normal day except when I’m with my closest circle of friends. I am very passionate about acting and comedy. I’m the only child of my parents. I always want to make people’s day brighter by putting a smile on their faces if I can help it. I love my mother, Sylvia Serwaa Akoto Gyamfi, with all my heart. The first impression I give off to people is ‘I’m anti-social’ and I sometimes do that on purpose just to sway them off that impression when I finally begin to crack them up. Dealing with ‘idiots’ stress me out a lot. I’m single, if it makes any

Comedy Empire: It makes a difference, only if Kyeiwaa is still single and ready to marry again, I think you are a qualified applicant especially when it comes to your Ntimizimbiness.😂😂😂😂 But on a much serious note, What has been your inspiration for what you do? Any role models?

Richmond Ntimizimbi: My inspirations are Rowan Atkinson, Kevin Hart and my unborn children. Rowan and Kev’s success make me believe that one can achieve greatness of immense proportion by making people laugh even though this feat doesn’t come easy. I take every opportunity that comes my way as a learning point and a chance to better myself as an actor and a person.

Comedy Empire: So far you’ve mentioned just foreign acts. Is there no inspiration from Africa or Ghana?

Richmond Ntimizimbi: Oh there are… there’s Liwin and Akrobeto

Comedy Empire: I am made to believe the nose factor is in play here. What has been a major challenge to you in the industry since you decided to be a part of it and if given the chance, what would you do to correct it?

Richmond Ntimizimbi: Personally, my challenge in the industry has been people taking up and coming acts for granted and sometimes cheating us off the monies and credit due us. You can do very little to change this situation because it’s been there since the days of old. The only way is to build your brand and make it strong. We all seem to forget this struggle when we finally make it and also turn around to do this to the up and coming acts. My prayer is that someday I will rather do things to create the chance and room for young acts to better themselves and not take advantage of them.

Comedy Empire: It shall surely come to pass once there is a positive mindset to it. Normally people think comedians are daft with little or no education so they try to cheat them. We’d like to know a bit about your educational background.

Richmond Ntimizimbi: That’s a very true and misappropriated perception. I think the very essence of one’s ability to create things that in turn get people to laugh is in itself a very creative and brilliant endeavour so personally I believe that very perception is in itself very dumb. I hold a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from University of Ghana with specialization in Directing.I had my secondary education at Kings College in Kumasi is the very intrinsic part of who I am today.
Comedy Empire: Ntimizimbi is now an icon when it comes to Comedy especially on social media. Many young ones look up to you, any word advice to them?

Richmond Ntimizimbi: I believe that we all create our own paths and walk it through our actions and inactions. What you do today has a great bearing on how your tomorrow is going to come shaped. Do your best in whatever you do and leave the rest to God. Live, love and place your faith in God.

Comedy Empire: Great. God bless you for such thoughts. Finally, any shoutouts to anyone?
Richmond Ntimizimbi: Shouts to my buddies; Jay Z, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Clemento Suarez, Louis Lamis, Foster Romanus, Giovanni Caleb, Comedian OB, Luv FM’s Anita Kuma and NGO.  And oh, my homie Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Comedy Empire: Why are you greeting him? Any special affiliation or you want use his daughter to change your single status?

Richmond Ntimizimbi: I’m greeting him because I hear Romanus wants to be Deputy Minister for Creative Arts so I want him to split the Creative Arts Ministry into Creative Ministry and Arts Ministry so that we can all get some of the money to keep. Jobs for the people.

Comedy Empire: Haha….. We hope he sees this so that we also get special positions at the ministry. Thanks so much for your time. It was really fun conversing with you.

Richmond Ntimizimbi: Oh don’t worry about that, verily I say unto thee, you shall be with me at the Ministry. Thank you too for hosting me.
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