Jacinta Pleads With January

The month of January has become a major issue in the country joining it’s counterparts; dumsor, inflation and what have you. As others associate this slow pace of the month to the new president selling down, most economists have associated the stress to the excessive Yuletide spendings and the excess demand of salaries to be paid.

Ghana’s Queen of Comedy, Jacinta, has not been left out of this stress as she posted on her page, a very passionate plea. She wrote:”Dear Bros January,I no know Weyting we collect from u Wey u no wan leave us alone. I use dececember beg u… On behalf of every National service person. Our monthly allowance is overdue just bcos u still dey here… We don broke oh! E don do! Finish! Make we see February.. At least we go chop love.”

On behalf of all Ghanaians, National Service Personnel and Government workers, we plead with H.E Akuffo-Addo to make the month go fast so that we can all be paid.

Jacinta’s Post: