Clemento Shoots 2kz L.A Primary 

It’s one thing doing comedy and it’s another thing doing music but only a talented few can combine both and that’s exactly what Clemento Suarez, Ghana’s best comic actor, and friends have done.

The comedian who is noted for his rap abilities hence the name Kasahari Jon Bull, yesterday shot a video for his new song ‘2kz L.A Primary’. The song basically is a Convo between a teacher and his unpunctual student who tries to justify why he’s late and performs abysmally in class. Starring in the video would be Jeneral Nta Tia and Dr So of 2 Idiots Fame, Fred Amugi, Mj the Comedian, Afodel, Vivian Agbovi and Robert Ahlija.

The video, just like the song, promises to be exciting and ribs cracking

Download audio.

Behind the scene shots: