Comedian Putogo, A Comedian Ghana Must Watch Out for.

Comedy in the country had it’s breakthrough last year, most people have come to accept Gh Comedy and the best part is, it has given room for talented individuals to finally come out and show what they are capable of. 
One of such talented individuals is Comedian Putogo. I must say, the first time I witnessed him perform, I was amazed. His composure and command on the stage was unbelievable. It was his first time performing to a large audience but it was like he has performed all his life. 
Born Putogo Moses, he started Comedy in April last year, but things weren’t going well, till he met the King of Gh Comedy, DKB in August who is teaching him the craft of being a good comedian. The lessons are paying off because Putogo is becoming one of the finest comedians in the country.

Putogo has performed on many comedy platforms which include, Laugh Kitchen, Laughline, Comedy Express to mention a few. If Putogo keeps performing like he is, there is no doubt he would be a household name this year.