The Editor’s Comic Year in Review: 2016

This year has been a very good for the comedy industry and key players in the industry can attest to the fact that it though good, it has not been easy.

Being one of the less patronised arts in the country due to the notion of Ghanaian comedians not being funny, and lack of cooperate sponsorship, Ghanaian comedy this year has gained grounds and gradually creeping its roots into the hearts of Ghanaians.

This article summarises the whole year in review (from the establishment of Comedy Empire to date):

The comic year began with Foster Romanus taking comedy to the church dubbed Jesus Laughs Too which also saw the launch of his ministries: Romanus Ministries. It was a night of pure gospel comedy with supporting acts by Chopsticks, Tee Kay and Clemento Suarez.

Romanus kills them all

DKB was officially crowned king of comedy after the godfather of comedy, KSM, handed over the crown to him at the DKB’s Point of View. It was at the first ever one man comedy show held in Ghana which saw history being made as for the first time a night with only Ghanaian acts saw a fully packed auditorium. It was graced by celebrities and personalities. The show was hosted by Khemikal who was up to his game.

A fully packed auditorium at DKB’s Point of View

A Night of 1022 Laughs and Music saw Ghanaian acts gelling. Though it was a bad night for Comedian OB as he did not meet the bar like he did in previous editions. Lekzy and Romanus had a good night accompanied by standing ovations and wild cheers.

Classics and Comedy saw a continuation of magic by Ghanaian comedians. The night which was a salad of the arts; poetry, music and comedy, was damaged by the excessive jokes comedians continued to churn out which left no one a breathing space.

Ghanaian comedian, Comedian Aglah put Ghana on the comic map as he was invited to present an award in South Africa at the Savanna Comic’s Choice Awards. Being the only Ghanaian act, David Aglah joined other comedians from Africa including the king of african Comedy, Basketmouth.

The birth of a new monthly comedy show saw a massive patronage at its maiden edition. Laughline, a comedy show which brings out hidden talents was a place to be. A night of karoake, poetry and comedy saw a fully packed auditorium with sterling acts by Lekzy, Jacinta, Tee Kay, Pararan, Romanus and Augustin Dennis. Comedian OB carried the night as it was his major comeback after a poor performance at the Night 1022 Laughs and Music. Since then, it has successfully been organised and has churned out new talents.

The Team behind Laughline

A packed weekend saw KSM return with his stage comic act The Saga of the Returnee reloaded, a two day event which was hosted by Khemikal who had an endorsement from the godfather. DKB also returned with Comedy Express after a long break after putting up a historic show in July.

The lives of patrons at the National Theatre were risked as the Trotro was left in the hands of Clemento Suarez. The comical play saw people losing their seats and seated on the laugh to be able to laugh well. It was a wonderful risky ride with Clemento who hypnotised the audience with his catch phrase “Akplankeeeeee, Call Out!!”

Comedian OB took comedy to his alma mater, University of Cape Coast, with his Laugh At First Sight. The acts for the night were on point and it was a back to back out pour of the finest jokes. The man of the moment, OB, came and delivered like he always does, churning out his finest jokes and proving why he is the Headboy of Comedy.

The season 4 of Pure Comedy was successfully organised in Kumasi under the headship of the Headmaster of Comedy, Comedian Aglah. Kumasi also had a feel of what Accra enjoys each and every time.

Tema also witnessed Laugh Your Problems Out which was organised before the elections to calm and ease tensions amidst the electoral atmosphere.

Ayikwei Sportoo and friends also took Christian comedy to another level.

Jacinta also toured Nigeria and performed at high profile functions, conquering Ghana and Naija this year. Lekzy has been consistent alike Khemikal. OB treated his facebook followers with good humor and was always on point. Not forgetting his Teacher vs Doctor Troll which he won.

To crown the year was a sterling performance by the Ghanaian comedians at A Night of 1023 Laughs and Music. Truth be told, they performed better than the Nigerian acts in general and we can say Gh comedy has come to say.

Generally, it has been a very good year and Comedy Empire wishes all comedians the best in 2017.