I’m in love with Rashida Black Beauty – Comedian Khemikal

Ghana’s most trending girl at the moment, Rashida Black Beauty, seems to be earning a lot of admirers and fans ever since she appeared on the scene. One person who has not failed to express his love for the Malafacka Queen, as she calls herself is Ghana’s Prince of Primetime Comedy, Comedian Khemikal.

In his recent post on Facebook, the comedian talked about his admiration for her but much importantly, expressed his detest for how the media is hyping such ill. He wrote:

I’m in love with Rashida Black 

I am in love with Rashida Black not for anything but the buzz she has created with the video which she put on social media which has a lot of explicit content. I was stunned by her confidence and utterance because for me to say some of the things she said, I have to take permission from my parents, headmistress and my Bishop before I can make such utterance.

As my love for her grew I begun to ask myself questions concerning the explicit content and who she really is.

In fact, how old is she? Where are her parents or guardians? Where does she school? What does she do? 

If you are wondering why I have these questions in mind, this is my reason or these are my reasons. Here is a 16 – 17 year old saying things my great grandmother can’t even say. At her age she claims she to some extent took care of Kushman showed him how to have sex (Chai, I’m still a virgin).

Well, I have no idea whether her assertions are true or false but really what’s happening? She was proud about it too.

Don’t get me wrong, it was fun to watch and hilarious but what is happening to our generation or should I say this generation of youngsters? Talking about sex now is like killing an ant, no one cares.

Okay let me drop that part, Viasat 1 invited her to their morning show and I bet she was happy about it. Is it all about content nowadays?  Now all I’m wondering is what will go through her mind as well as others like her. I will not be surprised to see more of these on social media. 

This is just my humble opinion. I think Viasat 1 shouldn’t have invited her. I feel it is a sign of approval to her act or behavior. Well, content abi?

P.S. I no no writing proper, this is the best I could do.”


Some weeks ago, she released a video, insulting her boyfriend, Kushman, who dumped her for another girl. In the video, she could be heard making certain claims which were quite explicit, hence the use of ‘Malafacka’ a doctored word for an American slang. Since then, she’s made a song and released a video to it in addition to several short videos which have gone viral.

Khemikal joins scores of people who are expressing disgust at Viasat 1 for raising the hype after she was interviewed on their morning show and for nominating her for Most Viral Video in the JIGWE AWARDS. 

Khemikal has been nominated in the JIGWE AWARDS for the Best Comedian alongside other comedians.

Khemikal’s post: