Ghana meets Naija: Pararan and D-Comics

The rivalry between Ghana and Nigeria does not seem to be ending any moment soon as it’s delved into a whole new level, comedy.

The event dubbed, Pararan and D-Comics would see a revival in the argument of which country has got the best comedians. Whilst the Nigerians would be entering the competition with a Goliath-ego, the Ghanaians would go to the field as meek as a lamb.

Speaking to Ghana based Nigerian Comedian and organiser of the show, Pararan, he said the show is just a way of diffusing political tension as Ghana draws near its election period. “Ghana and Nigeria are sisters and we want to showcase our support for our sister through comedy.”, he said.

The night would see a battle between Nigeria’s and Ghana’s finest comedians; Jacinta, Khemikal, Tee Kay, Augustin Dennis, OB, Parrotmouth, Hogan, Shegelabobor, Miss World, Comic Emmie and the main man, Pararan, along many other surprises.

Would it be a night for the Nigerians to keep wearing the crown or a coup by Ghanaian comedians to show why they’re the new Lords of Africa comedy?

That’s for you to be there

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