“Manchester United’s Recent Performances Affecting EC” – Charlotte Osei

In recent weeks, one thing the Electoral Commission of Ghana and Manchester United have had in common is a significant consistency in defeats. This has made fans of both organisations beginning to lose hope. For those who belong to both parties are really getting depressed.
This seems not to be limited to the ordinary Ghanaian as the Electoral Commissioner of Ghana, Mrs. Charlotte Osei has also expressed her grief. In a recent interview with Comedy Empire, she said she believes there is a tie between the Commission and the football club. “I’m a strong United fan” she said, “and their defeat really gets to me. I don’t know what to do.” 

Talking about her favourite player, Paul Pogba, she said “his poor performance is really affecting the Commission. At times I’m tempted to change the Election date to 9th December but I know Ghanaians would talk.”

After United won their match against Swansea City yesterday with Pogba scoring, the EC Boss is optimistic of a change in results despite the Supreme Court’s ruling.
Disclaimer: This is purely satirical, we’re not responsible for your reaction towards this story.