Foster Romanus Endorses A  Political Party (Open Letter) 

” Dear General Public,
I have really thought this through and I think it is time I tell you, the general public, the party I am in full support of. I know by the end of this letter I would have new haters and most of my fans would begin to hate me, but hey, I have the right to support a political party of my choice.

But before I tell you all. Let me tell you some good things the party I support has done.

First, the party I support has brought joy to the people of Ghana for as long as I can remember. My party has put smiles on so many folks in the country and I know that many of you love my party and can’t wait for them to come back to power.

Second, my Party, unlike the other political parties made living in the country very easy, there was no high cost of living, prices of things were on the low and everyone seemed to be of equal class. Even though the rich were getting richer. The poor could afford things and make their lives better as well.

Third, the political party I support even though they haven’t been in power for a while now, had very good policies in place not only to make living in the country a joyous one but also had very good educational policies which offered quality education not only to Ghanaians of school going age but to the country as a whole. I believe if the party is elected into power again this year, there would be better policies than when they were in power some time ago.

Now, with the reasons I have stated, I would declare my support for the political party I believe when they are elected into office come December 7, our lives would not be the same again. The party I support is The Keysoap Concert Party. I believe after reading my letter, you would agree with me and help support the political party to VICTORY.
KEYSOAP CONCERT PARTY!!!! Y3 b3 di Agroo.”



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