Personality of the Month – November:  Ajeezay: The Nonfa King

No one can compete him in what he does. He’s the King of Nonfa Comedy, and has made several impact on the comedy scene which has earned him a lot of respect from celebrities.
Born Nathaniel Mensah on 1st November, the Nonfa King has been in the comedy industry for a very long time and his influence on Social Media makes his Nonfa Family one to join. In his iconic red and white shirt and red cap, Ajeezay is easy to be recognized when you meet him. His symbolic signature “Chr333d333r” has been the most trending signature on the comic scene since his inception.

He’s performed on several platforms nationwide; Comedy Express, DKB’s Point of View, Comedy Fiesta, Hausa Music Awards and many others.

A multi-talented persona he is, Ajeezay fuses his nonfa rhymes with music and acting. He has an album of mixtapes to his credit, some of which include Do You, A Letter to ECG, Give it to Apor and Gh Comedy. Ajeezay to his credit has featured in several music videos with the most popular being Ackah Blay’s Take Away.

He drops a new single today, Branding Nu, with Choirmaster. We strongly believe Shatta Wale, his greatest fan, would feature him on one of his works. 

Ajeezay is a very hardworking talented guy and Comedy Empire wishes him the very best. 
Click the link below to download some of his songs: