Nino Infects UCC With Soundtrack

Ghana’s finest comedian, Nino, on Saturday left students of the University of Cape Coast singing to a tune. The comedian after several jokes made one using the entrance song of John Cena.
This has left patrons singing to the tune unconsciously. One could be heard singing “Pampananaaaa Pampampapam” and that’s what has been trending on UCC campus.He seems to have won for himself a new base in Cape Coast.

The comedian who was one of the acts for Laugh At First Sight, made a great night which got people laughing off their seat. He performed alongside Romanus, Poko Poko, Alo Wess, Desmond, Falcao, Headmaster and OB who was the main act of the day.

The event was organised by TWICOM Productions. You missed? See you next year.