No Nonsense Day For Khemikal: Jabs Chief of Staff and Eze

Comedian Khemikal seems to be having a no nonsense day today as he’s gone all out to speak against certain issues. Two separate posts on Facebook, the comedian jabs the Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah, over his Kalyppo comment and Nigerian musician for his attack on the music industry.

Julius Debrah Against Kalyppo

In reaction the Chief of Staff’s comment on the need to abstain from Kalyppo, he wrote The chief of staff has been employed by the Food and Drugs Authority and The Ghana Diet Association to educate “grown ups” about the effects of taking too much sugar at an old age. We’re still not sure at what age too much sweet should be avoided. Is it at age 20, 30, 55, 70 or a day to your natural death?” 

Eze on the Ghana Music Industry:

Leaving your country and jabbing another man’s country is a no go area for Ghanaian comedian, Khemikal. The comedian in a Facebook post replied Nigerian musician cum actor, Eze, after the latter criticised the music industry calling it dead and its acts as bunch of jokers.
He wrote:”If Ghanaian acts are a bunch of jokers then he certainly is the punchline.” The comedian says he doesn’t even know who he (Eze) is because probably his music is not marketable.

If only people could keep the unnecessary comments to themselves today, they’d be saving themselves from the comedian’s punches. Khemikal on 5th November would be performing at the Silver Bird Cinema for the Laughline Corporate Edition alongside DKB, Lekzy and Comedian Aglah.