#TeachersVsDoctors: Troll Review

Social media was lit yesterday as it hosted another troll between Teachers and Doctors. Kwame Dadzie has thoroughly reviewed the troll and according to him, O.B Amponsah (for Doctors), did better than Micheal Owusu Afriyie (for Teachers). This is his reviews:

It was fun following for the second time, a three – hour comedy bout between two Facebook users, OB Amponsah a doctor and stand – up comedian, and Michael Owusu Afriyie, a teacher and Facebook ‘comedian’ [ he says we shouldn’t call him “comedian”]

Just when I thought the first episode was great and was waiting for another rollicking version, I was duly informed of another one tailored along a brilliant concept. This time they were not trolling with their places of residence but with their professions. Date was set for 16th October, 2016 and pronto! When the time was due the wagon was put in motion.

CONTENT: Both ‘trollers’ had wonderful items to troll with. I must say I admire their talent and creativity. However, while OB was a bit diverse in his content, Michael was quite narrowed and kept sTROLLING on the periphery.

STYLE: Unlike the previous troll, OB this time varied his style and really punched harder at the teacher. Honestly, most of Michael’s trolls were trite and flat. They were just essays speaking in favour of the teacher. The comic aspect was not as loud as he did for the #AccraVsKumasi troll.

You know he is a teacher when the length of his belt is longer than a hindu movie…

Teacherfoɔ belt, etwa ne sisi ho bɛyɛ 5 times…

THE STEREOTYPING FACTOR: I also found out one thing. Any comedian or one that writes materials for comedy would attest to the fact that it is easier to get more punches against the teacher because teachers in Ghana have overly been marginalised and seen as one of the less-privileged professionals in the country. There are a thousand and one ‘negatives’ about the teacher than there are for the doctor. Most of these ‘negatives’ have been Teacher Kwadwo’s daily sermon on his timeline.

Wen u go to Hospital with Headache, u myt surely live der with another sickness BUT wen u go to school with empty brain,surely u won’t leave der without knowing how to spell ur name.

TEACHER ne panin no

Take doctors. They are revered in the society. In fact, get into any basic school and ask how many children would want to be doctors or teachers and doctors would have the numbers. To understand this well, let a lady getting ready for marriage introduce two men (a teacher and doctor) to her parents as their intended. There is a 10% chance that the teacher will be given warm reception. So the stereotyping of the professions may have given OB harder gloves to punch his opponent.

Unlike the #AccraVsKumasi troll where Michael slightly led OB, the#TeacherVsDoctor version saw Doctor OB trouncing Teacher Kwadwo with a landslide victory. Well, it could also be that OB underrated Michael in the first edition but needed to sit up so the stubborn teacher who does comedy on Facebook to while away time and have fun, does not wallop the professional comedian in him.

Campus Exposed RATING: I score OB 85% and score Michael 60%.

Comedy Empire Rating: OB – 90% and Michael 40%

Source: Campus Exposed