Kwadwo Sheldon Challenges OB

After two successful trolls, Comedian OB, seems to be the envy of many and this has not made the King of Trolls, Kwadwo Sheldon, calling the comedian to a challenge.
In a Facebook post this morning Kwadwo Sheldon wrote:

“You have bullied Micheal on 2 occasions. .it’s ok..Now, I dare you to challenge me on a troll topic of your choice OB Amponsah.”

Kwadwo Sheldon has been known for trolling especially politicians and celebrities. He’s been on several occasions had his Twitter account deactivated because of trolling.

OB on the other hand, has won the #AccravsKumasi and #TeachervsDoctor trolls back-to-back. The comedian is much likely to have a tough competition with Sheldon.

We can’t wait for such a troll. Watch this space for more details.