National Theatre Rides In Trotro

Last Saturday promised to be an action packed weekend with a series of Comedy Shows lined up to spice the weekend. One event which got the whole of Accra laughing was Trotro, a comedy stage play, produced by Selsi Productions was held under the auspices of the National Theatre Festival.

The auditorium which was fully packed to capacity witnessed what could be described as a replay of life in a public transport. Ataa Ago, the trotro driver gets into trouble with his master over daily sales which was later discovered to be given to his girlfriend, Shabi Darling, whom he claims to be his trotro accountant. The wife, Auntie Boba, in the end falls in love with the car owner after the car had been taken from her husband Ataa Ago.

Ataa Ago, played by Clement Ashiteye a.k.a Clemento Suarez, and his Akplanke (bus conductor), involves the audience with his catch phrase, “Akplanke, Call Out!!!” when he still seeks for more passengers even after reaching his limit of passengers in their ONE MAN NO CHOP vehicle. He had no rest from the Booklong passenger who kept quoting the law anytime there was an issue.Of course the other passengers were not missing in action. Co-starring was shortest comedian, Lekzy De Comic, Fred Amugi, Solomon Fixon and Samira, Wonder and Ahlijah

The event saw dignitaries and celebrities such as D-Cryme, Kalybos, Kobina Ansah, Playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Productions and Comedians Romanus, OB, Jacinta, Nino, Tkay all passing through.

The play was written by Sackey Sowah and directed by Daphnies Selase. Trotro was much fun and comically entertaining a some patrons were seen to have extended their seats to the floor. 

You missed the show? Sorry, you got to be there next time.

Watch this space for pictures…………..