Kumchacha Must Be A Kamasutra Master – Khemikal

The past week has been fun on social media as interesting videos have been making the news. Aside the trending Ewurama video which has raised a lot of eyebrows is an interview by popular pastor Kumchacha.
In the video, the acclaimed man of God, is seen to be talking about how to satisfy a man in bed and the how to get gifts from men after a good work done in bed. Daniel Selase, known by stage name Khemikal, has expressed concerns to the issue in an interview with Comedy Empire. The Prince of Primetime Comedy said, “Personally I like him cos he’s real. He is frank and does not mince his words. I love his sense of humor and how he compares stuff like how he compared someone’s butts to the heaviness of Libya coconut. I mean we got such great talent being wasted in the pastoral field? He should be something either than a pastor. Maybe a comedian or a kamasutra instructor.”
“I mean as a man of God, you can’t openly be discussing this and telling us what you do in the bedroom with your spouse. But I like one thing about him; he errs with much confidence that he didn’t realise when he said his wife is a business. On a much serious note, social media keeps promoting nonsense. I think he did speak the wrong way in general. From his interview, the man is encouraging fornication and prostitution among the youth and that brings to bare the function of the Christian Council and is role checking the behaviour of such acclaimed men of God.”, He added.