Personality File: Time With Lekzy

He is the latest sensation on the comedy scene. He has won the hearts of many celebrities and is said to be the Prince of Comedy. After a marvellous and splendid performance at DKB’s Point of View, he’s become a hot cake and has graced many stages including the biggest comedy platform, A Night of 1022 Laughs and Music. He’s been on the big screens in recent times and Comedy Empire has been fortunate to get an interview with him despite his busy schedules. Our host, Nii Bavard, caught up with him at the just ended Laughline Comedy show and they had a journey through the life of Lekzy; his personal, relationship and celebrity life. Enjoy the chit-chat.

Nii Bavard: Lekzy, nice meeting you again.

Lekzy: Thank you Nii.

Nii Bavard: So give us a brief introduction, Who is Lekzy?

Lekzy: Lekzy is me,myself and I. I Born into a family of 5 and a proud first born. A graduate of Takoradi Poly and also a proud product of Koforidua Secondary and Technical School.

Nii Bavard: So who is actually Lekzy? What’s your real name?

Lekzy: Nana Kwame Nkansah Emmanuel Ansong is what my parents gave me without my opinion. Dictatorship is an African thing you know 😂😂😂

Nii Bavard✍🏾: So as a rebel leader, why did you choose Lekzy?

Lekzy: It’s an abbreviation. It stands for L-earned,  E-xceptional K-nowledgeable  Z-Zealous and Y for any word you deem fit for me…….some say I’m yummy others say I’m young but I think I’m just like the mysterious Y in algebra.

Nii Bavard✍🏾: So what were your institutions of tutelage as far as education is concerned?

Lekzy: Ok. Just as i said early on I had my primary and junior high education at St. Mark’s Methodist Preparatory School and later to Koforidua Sectech and finally to Takoradi Polytechnic where I offered Graphic Designing. I still don’t understand why Mahama waited for me to leave before making it a University……I just can’t reach my mind back.

 Nii Bavard✍: Haha……….. So professionally you’re a graphic designer. Why do you choose comedy?

 Lekzy: Yes……I’m actually a graphic designer by profession  but funny enough comedy has chosen and I’ve appointed it to be my career of which it’s taking a greater chunk of my time now. You can imagine how I appointed it. But on a much serious note,  Its my way of life.

Nii Bavard✍🏾: Is it innate? Anyone in your family who is a comedian?

Lexy: Not at all. My dad just has a great sense of humour not a comedian.

Nii Bavard✍🏾: Ok. So it’s a family thing….it runs in the family I guess.

Lekzy: Naa………I’m a limited breed

Nii Bavard✍🏾: Haha….interesting. What breed are you? German shepherd or Sokoto Red?

Lekzy: Is this where the interview is diverting to? I won’t react, at the right time.

Nii Bavard✍🏾: So how did it feel like when you started doing comedy. What was the family reaction?

Lekzy: Fortunately for me I found myself in a “follow your passion” family with just one caution: “Dont tarnish the family’s name in whatever you do.”

Nii Bavard✍🏾: Wow…….that’s quite encouraging by the family. So initially, they weren’t concerned like most African parents would be?

Lekzy: Not at all.

Nii Bavard✍🏾: You such a fortunate dude. So how was your first performance?

Lekzy: Awesome. Actually I’ve not really really had a bad day. Average days but not bad as bad since.

Nii Bavard✍: Can you recall that one event you felt within you that you’ve flopped?

Lekzy: Early this year at Comedy Express. I just went blank on stage. Actually I was not in the right frame of mind then but notwithstanding, I had my response but not as loud as the usual me.

Nii Bavard✍: I guess it’s normal. The peak and troughs of art. So what keeps you going? Where do you derive motivation?

Lekzy: I can’t tell what keeps me going… it could be passion driven. The interesting part about it is, I only feel good when I’m with the microphone.

Nii Bavard✍: Have there been moments where you felt you’d be sacked from stage?

Lekzy: yeah and I didn’t perform at all because one of the big guys in comedy now was hooted at from stage and I was performing right after him. That was at Takoradi poly.

Nii Bavard✍: No vim for Lekzy. Despite the down moments, what has been your proudest moment as a comedian.

Lekzy: I have a lot of proud moments but the one to stay in my memory books would be when I shared the stage with Preye of Ebezina fame from Nigeria came to Ghana in December last year.

 Nii Bavard✍🏾: So let’s get to the big moment: Point of View

 Lekzy: Yeeess. Finally…. I was waiting for this? Why you take put last?

Nii Bavard✍: Next time it would be after the interview. How was POV to you?

Lekzy: That wasn’t my first performance at the theatre but this was different cos we as a comedy fraternity wanted to make a statement which I think we did. It was DKB’s show but it was my world cup.

 Nii Bavard✍🏾: 😂😂😂😂😂. How did you feel when you had an ovation?

 Lekzy: I’ve had it a couple of times in my career but this one was one that got me flying without wings. Chale, To see celebrities stand up……Mheeern!!!!! After that show,I was blessed with two more ovations, Classics and Comedy and A Night of 1022 Laughs and Music.

Nii Bavard✍🏾: Saw Lexis Billz post and it confirms it. So can we say it was your greatest moment?

 Lekzy: Let’s say so

 Nii Bavard✍🏾: Lol……..Who has been your role model?

 Lekzy: Kevin Hart. In Ghana, Foster Romanus

Nii Bavard✍🏾: Why Kevin Hart, height factors?

Lekzy: Nope far from that……. Their energy on stage and content kind of connect with me. DKB gave me enough reasons to do comedy.

Nii Bavard✍🏾: The comedy industry over the years has been budding and people are still pessimistic about the industry. As an industry player, what are your challenges with the industry?

 Lekzy: Lack of Opportunities and finances especially when it’s about sponsorship. People look down on me cos they think my stature doesn’t depict what I say or can do. The income from comedy isn’t de best for now but we are growing so very soon.

Nii Bavard✍🏾: If the comedy industry does not really pay, would you choose your career over your profession at any time?

Lekzy: oh yeah. Everyday, Anyway, Everything, Anytime

Nii Bavard✍🏾: Passion over money I guess.

Lekzy: Exactly

Nii Bavard✍🏾: So if given the chance to change something in the industry what would it be?

Lekzy: Wow. Change the mindset of event organizers. We need equal share of the arts cake as the musicians.

Nii Bavard✍🏾: Do you see a future beyond comedy?

Lekzy: Far beyond future. Its here ,I’m here and we both here to stay.

Nii Bavard✍🏾: If God gave you the chance to choose, who do you wish to be on stage with one-day?

Lekzy: Kevin Hart

Nii Bavard✍🏾: You really like him

Lekzy: I don’t like him. I see myself in him.

Nii Bavard✍🏾: Who’s your favourite African Act?

Lekzy: Trevor Noah and Bovi

Nii Bavard: Tell us about your feature in the upcoming stage play, TROTRO, how did you get into it and the role you’d play.

Lekzy: I spoke to Clemento Suarez about my interest in acting and he said OK he will lobby to get me a role. Lo and behold I get to be in it and I’m playing the role of a stubborn passenger in a car who just minds his business cos he doesn’t want to pay his fare.

Nii Bavard✍🏾: any interest aside comedy?

Lekzy: I love education. I also love to rap. I used to rap way back in school which I think I might visit that side of me too very soon but now I think I would want to establish a school someday.

Nii Bavard✍🏾: Haha…….rap. That would look like Hilarious Rap.

Lekzy: I actually did real rap. I was in a group called BACK PAGE. In 2008, we won the best high school music group at the X’mas Fiesta.

 Nii Bavard✍🏾: Wow. Your achievements look taller than you. As a rapper, who do you think is the best rapper in Ghana now?

 Lekzy: Sarkodie

Nii Bavard✍🏾: Why Obidi?

 Lekzy: I love achievers. People who push their craft till they attain greatness.

Nii Bavard✍🏾: This is old but what’s your Point of View on the Sark-Fest Beef?

 Lekzy: Anything Sark. No long talk.

Nii Bavard✍🏾: So final question……..The Bible says it’s not good for man to be alone and as you already know, Romanus has tied the knot, DKB is also in the pipeline……….Lekzy do you have a special future Missus?

Lekzy: Not yet

Nii Bavard✍🏾: Is it that they’re not coming or they don’t like you?

Lekzy: They come but  I’m not ready for now. I can’t afford love now. It’s just too expensive.

Nii Bavard✍🏾: How do you separate your personal life from your public life?

Lekzy: Wish I had a clue to that. All I know is I just seperate the two.

 Nii Bavard✍🏾: That’s interesting. So your final words to upcoming comedians like KSM and Bill Cosby who look up to you.

 Lekzy: They are the pilot of their own dreams so they should let no one direct or cut out their part for them. When you give up on your dream ,you lose them not.

Nii Bavard✍🏾: Thanks Lekzy……..Comedy Empire is grateful for your time. We wish you the very best in your career.

Lekzy: You’re welcome. Thanks for hosting me too.