‘We’re Back’ – Comedian OB, others rock Laughline

It’s true the fall of a man is not the end of the world and Comedian OB proved that saying last weekend at the premier edition of Laughline at the Silver Bird Cinema. In what many would have seen to be the end of his comedy career, OB, last month on Facebook chastised himself for an unsatisfactory performance at the Night of 1022 Laughs and Music. However, over the weekend, he proved critics wrong as he got the whole theatre giving him a standing ovation at the end of his performance.

He ended his performance confidently saying “My name is OB, and I’m back.” Speaking to Comedy Empire, optometrist cum comedian after the show said, “Yes we’re back and I’m very elated tonight. My performance at the 1022 Laughs and Music was not really up to expectations. I had to go back to the drawing board, restrategise and come back and I believe it’s been here for all of us to see that OB is back. Standup Comedy is an art and every art comes with highs and lows. If I thank God for Highs, I should thank Him for lows too so I’m grateful to God for an important lesson learnt on the night. To get a good jump, you need to get a pretty good squat. I’m still learning, it’s a long and rocky journey, but with Christ, we shall not disappoint.”
The weekend at the Silver Bird Cinema was filled with laughter as audience were thrilled with back to back performances from the crème de la crème of Ghanaian comedians at Laughline. The event hosted by Kasa Entertainment is a monthly show and would see new and old faces in the comedy industry coming together each month to thrill Ghanaians. Laughline is here to stay.