I Got Ghana 3 Eclipses – Mahama

In what seems to be a silencer to critics, the president, His Excellency President Mahama has updated the Green Book by adding three great phenomena to it.

This was in response to allegations by the opposition and some critics on social media that he’s not been able to give a full eclipse like Prez. Kuffuor did in his time. Speaking to our news team,His Excellency reiterated his stance on the short memory of Ghanaians. He said, “I’m marvelled by these allegations. I really am.” He further added, “in 2013 on a Sunday,I have one partial solar eclipse, just this morning I gave another one. My brother,  in fraction or maths, if you have two halves of oranges and put together, isn’t it one? So if I’ve I’ve given two partial eclipses, isn’t it one full solar eclipse?”

The president who who couldn’t hide his disappointment said, “so even if I didn’t give a full solar eclipse, you didn’t also see I gave a full lunar eclipse? You people are not observant and you get up accusing me that I’m incompetent. What do you mean? I got Ghana 3 eclipses in 3 Years.”

This has sparked controversies in the camp of the opposition since they claim they didn’t see the eclipse this morning. However, the CPP has said they saw the eclipse since the cock on their flag was able to signal them to wake up.

Comedy Empire would bring you all the news surrounding this debate as they unfold. Watch this space for more stories.

This is solely a work of satire. We’re not responsible for how you decide react to it since it is your level of maturity which is at stake.