I’ll Propose to Emmanuella If….. – OB

Fast-rising Ghanaian comedian, OB, has disclosed to Comedy Empire that he would propose to Nigeria’s Princess and Comedy Darling, Emmanuella. He made this known when the news team caught up with him at his residence today.

Speaking to Comedy Empire, the optometrist cum comedian disclosed, “I’m going to have fun with a young vibrant talent. I wish I had a childhood like hers… Where I would be boarding plane by heart. I wish every Ghanaian kid realized his or her potential like hers (Emmanuella),” he said amidst laughter, “Out of a million, she is a natural talent. Incredibly funny girl. If I were Tutulapato, I would ask her out on Saturday .”

OB who has performed on several stages including the recent Night of 1022 Laughs and Music is excited about this.


Emmanuella and her famous uncle, Mark Angel would be at the Efua Sutherland Park this Saturday to thrill Ghanaians with her famous acts. The event dubbed Kalybos meets Emmanuella and Mark Angel Comedy would see both comic actors battling it out alongside performances by various artist.

The day promises to be interesting and as to whether Uncle Mark Angel would watch a Proposal take place between his niece and Tutulapatu, we live to see.