Ajeezay, Sheldon In Plagiarism Feud

The budding comedy industry is having a feel of it’s very first beef between two top notch comedians; Ajeezay and Kwadwo Sheldon. The two, who for sometime now, seem to be holding issues against each other have finally taken their sentiments to social media and this has raised a lot of discussion among fans of both comedian
In a facebook post by Ajeezay who goes by the username Nathaniel Mensah, he writes:
Ma people!!!
Gh comedy has landed by God’s grace
And a nigga is looking for a spot but coming from a wrong approach……
Easy come easy go
Nigga started hating since 2014 ..
Now by God’s grace we buzzing and a nigga wana destroy the vibe… and seeking useless hype !!!!…
U started hating 2014…
Then you moved to me when I started buzzing… in 2015
U called me and said u udey HO POLY final year so if you finish aaa you link up ….
You even narrated some loooooong joke say make I shoot as a nonfa skit but I never shot it ………
I remember I voted for u during Twitter Ghana awards u wer den using pweedyella and you block me in 2015 because u wer trying to drop the pweedeyella mess and focus on your new amoapho name on Twitter…
U kept trolling celebrities and cos u wer a guy using a female name on Twitter u never used ur real picture… I remember u sent me your picture on WhatsApp to u tweet for people to your real face cos u wanted to use the real u on Twitter ….. you told me u wer not on Instagram, and Facebook but do only Twitter… den wen u lost the pweedeyella account on Twitter u opened a Facebook account where ur comedy ambition started 2016 … u blocked me in 2015 never saw your tweets again …. so how will I come stealing your tweets… ???
Wer you not around wen I tweeted the sugar joke and it went viral ….. David Beckham…. waakye …… etc
Anything I post on SOCIAL MEDIA that I knew I created it I quickly tag it with‪#‎NonfaKING‬ … if it’s not mine I don’t tag it !!!
We have worked harder to get where we are !!
Ghana knows!!!”
In what seems to be an unending battle, Kwadwo Sheldon has countered the Nonfa King with harsh posts and the big question here is: Why the beef?
Background of Beef:
The two comedians, Ajeezay and Sheldon, are known for the mastery in Word Play. However, the camp of Sheldon believes Ajeezay plagiarises his works and this has led to both parties putting signatures on their works ever since. Kwadwo Sheldon and Ajeezay seem to finally have exploded from their long held grudge and this has raised a lot of discussions among their fans. While some believe the two have a genuine cause to grudge, others believe it is just a way to create attention.

Comedy Empire believes the duo are good talents and this beef is just not necessary. The industry doesn’t need it. However, we’d keep you posted as events unfold.

Some Screenshots of On-Going Beef: