The Underrated: Kwadwo Sheldon

I guess the first thing you’d like to see when you open your Facebook account is something funny to make you laugh. For some of us we follow our favourite comedians, for others we follow meme pages but did you know there’s a Ghanaian who’s taken the internet by storm with his comic acts?
Bernard Kwadwo Amoafo popularly known as Kwadwo Sheldon is the most trending but underrated comedian who has captured the ribs of Ghanaians with his sensational jokes and memes which he classifies as Observational Comedy. With over a thousand of his works displayed on the internet, some of which have been published on OMG VOICE, Sheldon seems to be making himself much popular with the Ghanaian populace. His mission; Using his passion to make society happy and see a laughing world, Kwadwo Sheldon seems to be accomplishing that every moment.
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In response to why he chooses to use the name Sheldon, he said “Sheldon is a fictional character played by Jim Parson in ‘The Big Bang Theory’.I chose that name because of how sarcastic the character is.” He doesn’t have mercy when it comes to politicians with his favourite being John Mahama who he refers as Jay Dreezy, Sheldon is likely to be the next big thing in Africa and beyond.
As it stands now, Sheldon is in international competition with Indian Meme Comic ‘Be Like Bro‘. He also faces home competition from Ajeezay De Nonfa King as Ghanaians believe one copies from the other.

Comedy Empire believes the two are geniuses in their own way and as part of our mission in promoting Ghanaian Comedy, we wish Sheldon all the best and promise to lend him the necessary support to his talent.

Excerpts from Sheldon’s page: