Thousands Dislocate Ribs At Point of View


On Saturday night, history was made as lot of emergency cases were reported at various hospitals as patrons of DKB’s Point of View locked their ribs due to excessive laughter. They were left with little or no air to breath as they were thrilled with performances from the beginning of the show to the end.

The National Theatre which was filled to capacity which left others standing through out the show had Comedians Nino, Lekzy, Tee Kay, McDon the Shoeman, Ajeezay, Foster Romanus, James Brown, Jacinta and a host of others taking turns in cracking ribs, , the audience could not just help but give standing ovations after each act.

Representing the old generation of comedians was the godfather KSM who after a brief performance introduced the King of comedy of which he enstooled and handed over the title of King of Comedy to DKB. Arriving in glitz and glamour to humbly accept the title, DKB aarived in a palanquin with a troupe of dancers unshering him in. The King didn’t leave anything to spare as he gave his Point of View on various topics ranging from Politics to music to race and several others. 
Also on stage that night were the reigning artist of the year and Koko King, E.L together with Volta Regime President, Edem who entertained the audience with the best of tunes from the nation. Gracing the occasion were a host of celebrities; Elikem Kumordjie, Gifty Anti and husband, Nana Ansah Kwao, D-Cryme, Lexis Bill and several others. The MC for the Night, Khemikal, aside his performance made sure no one was given chance to breath as he locked them down to a good show.

MC for the night, Comedian Khemikal

Talking to Comedy Empire, patrons expressed joy at how the once dead comedy industry has been revived by Point of View. To some, it’s a remarkable day in their lives as they gave their hearts to Ghanaian Comedy for the first time. Many Ghanaian comedy atheists at the end of the show have now been born again. To those who lost their love for the art, fell in love again.
Chale if you missed this then go and come next year………………watch this space for review of the show by your favourite acts.