Lekzy To Lite Up Point of View

The excitement continues to build up as the days draw closer to the historical comedy show in Ghana as people keep wondering what Ghanaian comedians have got in stock for them at DKB’s Point of View.

Emmanuel Nkansah Ansong known in the industry as Lekzy Dekomic could not hide his excitement also when the news team caught up with him. The humour therapists who is noted for his deep thinking jokes said, “This is actually a big platform for me and I’m happy to be a part of history making. Not because it’s a one man show, but also for the fact that all performers are Ghanaians.”

He said this is an opportunity to showcase to the world what comedy is. Not hiding his expectations he said, ” I expect a fully packed auditorium to come witness authentic GH comedy cos I’m going to lite some fun so that I can covert them to fans. Did I rhyme?” He ended with a wild laughter.

On the night, Lekzy would be performing alongside other Ghanaian acts like Jacinta, OB, Nino, Id James Brown, Ajeezay and Romanus and the grandpa himself, KSM.

Want to know his point of view? Be there!!!!